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Some of the items urgently needed for

The Roberto Rovere Health Clinic

We urgently need the following items for the new Roberto-Rovere Health Clinic:-


     1. Single Beds

     2. Single Mattress's

     3. Chest of Drawers

     3. Stethoscopes

     4. Blood Pressure Cuffs

     5. All medications - antibiotics, anti diarrhea.




On-going Projects



Roberto Rovere 
Health Clinic -
Church of Redeemer, Morristown, NJ

At The Good Shepherd Home, the children are well cared for. But when illness strikes (such as malaria, respiratory infections or gastrointestinal problems) the only option is to go to the hospital in Bamenda 12 miles away. Which means a trip of at least a half hour and someone must stay overnight with the children if they are admitted and all costs must be paid by Sr. Jane.


Sr. Jane has a dream...




To convert an existing building adjacent to the grounds into a clinic to address the medical needs of the children at GSH and the surrounding town of Abangoh. This building, called the Lynda Wallace House, is currently vacant and in need of much work. Including finishing, windows, plumbing and electrification before it can serve as a clinic. The estimated cost of this renovation is $35,000.


Our dear Roberto inspired us to develop the

Cameroon Ministry and was planning to go on

our first trip in 2007.

But his cancer would not permit him to go.

Despite this, he continued to be involved in

the ministry and encourage us to continue

the work of supporting Sr. Jane and GSH. 

And so, as a tribute to him, we would like to name our project

The Roberto Rovere Clinic.


Good Shepherd Home -
Chicken Farm

The Chicken Farm at the Good Shepherd Home in Abangoh is the largest in the area.  Every year Sr. Jane get 10,000 day old baby chicks and raises them for approximately 2 months.  They are sold twice a year in the market, you can have them cleaned or roasted ready for the table.

Dr. Waldman

Medical School


Begun by Dr. Albert Waldman of Milford, Pennsylvania, this fund provides medical school scholarships for orphans of the Good Shepherd Home. 

Today, several of the high school age children are aspiring medical doctors, wishing to give back to others what has been lovingly given to them.  Gilbert is an aspiring doctor who is consistently top in his high school classes, scoring among the best on his level examinations.

Give these deserving young people the chance they so long for by giving today!


Donate to the Medical School Scholarship Trust for an amount of your choice.


Food For Life

The Good Shepherd Home is located in an extremely poor area of Africa. Food is expensive and scarce. The Home has a small farm where the children work hard to plant, tend, and harvest vegetables. In addition, chicken, pig and rabbit farms provide highly prized meat for their diet, as well as income to help sustain the Home. However, staples such as rice, grain, flour, beans, salt, fish, and fruit must be purchased.

Providing ample nutritious food for over one hundred and fifty children and their caregivers is a daunting, daily challenge. Food for Life makes it possible by providing a monthly food allowance to The Good Shepherd Home.

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